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Networking of E1 equipment in telecontrol data transmission of power supply network

There are still a large number of E1 / 2m lines in power communication. How to use these E1 / 2m lines to transmit data for telecontrol system? Tekway Telecom has launched E1 ring network equipment

customer demand:

   63 plants and stations are distributed on 63 E1 lines. Each station needs to transmit 4 serial ports through E1 lines and converge to the central machine room through SDH transmission network.


  TW6310B equipment of our company is used in the central machine room to converge the remote E1. Each tw6310b converges 63 E1 channels, converts the converged 63 E1 signals into IP ports and sends them to the central server for management. Edtu01 equipment of our company is used in the remote plant site to realize E1 transmission on 4-channel serial ports, which can cooperate with 6310b aggregation equipment in the central machine room for networking. At present, there are 63 stations, one 6310b aggregation device and 63 edtu01 are required

Scheme features:

1. Meet the networking applications in current power telecontrol / industrial control and other occasions, such as ring, star, chain, slotted point-to-point, pure E1 point-to-point, and hybrid networking of the above types;

2. Considering the future demand, shared Ethernet network port can be provided without affecting data transmission;

3. One equipment meets a variety of applications, simple maintenance, and future upgrading does not waste investment. The same equipment takes into account the ring, star, chain and time slot point-to-point networking. There is no need to replace the remote equipment for any networking change;

4.Various interfaces with host computer software, virtual serial port, UDP, TCP, etc

5.The whole process network management is convenient for customer maintenance and fault location




Product introduction

1、Remote device EDTU01:

a)      High density veneer design improves the reliable performance of the system, with the characteristics of easy installation and commissioning, maintenance free and stable performance;

b)       The equipment panel has perfect function control switch and intelligent alarm indication function, which can prompt the communication of equipment transmission channel and various service ports in real time;

c)       The equipment can provide 1 transmission channel, 4 serial data interfaces and 2 switched Ethernet ports. The serial interface of the equipment is transferred to the transmission channel in IP packet format for transmission. It is convenient for data management after long-distance extension of serial port data to meet the needs of various management software. IP packet serial port can adopt socket communication or virtual serial port communication with redirection software;

d)      The serial data interface complies with the relevant standards of RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485, transparently transmits the serial port data, can accept different bus modes, and can automatically detect whether the interface is physically connected and normal data communication. The interface provides a variety of rates ranging from 50bps to 115200bps, which can be set;

e)       All node devices have their own IP address and provide a web interface, which can set the equipment of each node, such as IP address setting, working mode, serial port rate allocation of each node, port setting, etc., so as to make the project installation faster and more convenient.

2、Central equipment tw6310b

a)      High density single board design, providing standard 1U, 19 inch physical structure design, greatly saving room space, reducing network wiring, optimizing network structure and improving system reliability;

b)       The equipment panel has perfect intelligent alarm indication function, which can prompt the communication situation of various service ports in real time;

c)      Two standard STM-1 optical interfaces are provided, which can work in 1 + 1 low-order channel protection mode; Support master clock and slave clock mode. In slave clock mode, support automatic switching of clock source;

d)     Two Gigabit Ethernet data aggregation interfaces are provided, both of which can support Ge electric port (RJ45) and Ge optical port (SFP); Ethernet supports 10 / 100M / 1000m, full half duplex adaptation, VLAN, QinQ and pause functions;

e)      The internal E1 channel can set non frame and framing modes, and the framing mode can support N * 64K rate; Each E1 can support local and remote loopback and pseudo-random code test function; It can also perform packet receiving, sending and traffic statistics for each E1 data channel;

f)      Provide console interface and standard SNMP network management interface to facilitate users to upgrade and maintain equipment software locally and remotely;

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