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Fragmented market revealed in new market research

CAMPBELL, Calif., Aug. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A new report released today by Mobile Experts predicts strong purchases of filter and tower-mounted amplifier products by North American mobile operators over the next five years. The overall market total will reach $260 million during 2011, with a step in future growth coming from rising LTE deployment.

"The overall market size will continue to grow, despite some turbulent changes in the market," said Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts. "Small cells threaten the market for macrocell upgrades, but LTE deployment will be strong for macro networks. In addition, the rise of MIMO will greatly increase the quantity for filters, duplexers, combiners, and TMAs."

"In the case of filters and TMAs, we see a healthy future due to the huge complexity involved with the coexistence of 2G, 3G, and LTE on the same antennas. There are more than 20 different companies actively supporting this fragmented market, with several profitable niche areas resulting from frequency variations, bandwidth variations, and different combinations of base stations and antennas."

• An overview of the North American market for RF conditioning products sold directly to mobile operators;
• A comparison to other international markets for direct sales to mobile operators;
• A detailed breakdown of RF conditioning products by type:
• Duplexers
• Diplexers
• Triplexers
• Bandpass Filters
• Band Reject Filters
• Combiners
• Tower Mounted Amplifiers (Mast Head Amplifiers or Tower Top Amplifiers)
• A five-year forecast, including:
• Forecasts for different filter types;
• Forecasts by frequency band;
• Forecasts by air interface standard;
• Forecasts for TMAs
• A detailed list of filter competitors and relative strengths/weaknesses





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