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  • 1 optical 8 electrical Gigabit physical isolation optical transceiver-T-Link-G8000
  • T-Link-G8000

1 optical 8 electrical Gigabit physical isolation optical transceiver

  • ModelNumber:T-Link-G8000
  • Function:

    One core optical fiber transmits 8 completely physically isolated 1000M Ethernet electrical signals

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      The equipment can provide 8 independent and completely isolated line speed 1000M Ethernet channels in one optical direction. It is very suitable for the construction of internal network and public information network at the same time, and requires high isolation of the 8 networks. It is also especially suitable for the situation where optical cable resources are particularly tight and many independent Ethernet channels are required, It is also suitable for bandwidth expansion of DSLAM without changing the original optical path.

     This equipment not only saves 7 equipment, but also saves 7 core optical fiber.

Product features:

  (1) True channel isolation ensures complete physical isolation of two groups of network services transmitted through the same optical fiber line;

(2)The Ethernet interface supports self negotiation between speed and duplex mode, and parallel / cross line adaptive function; Or forced mode;

  (3)  Support 1 + 1 dual optical port line backup;

  (4)  In the government, military and other projects that need internal network and external network respectively, and have high security requirements

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