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  • E1 to 16 *telephone + 2 * network interfac-PCM16
  • E1 to 16 *telephone + 2 * network interfac-PCM16
  • PCM16
  • PCM16

E1 to 16 *telephone + 2 * network interfac

  • ModelNumber:PCM16
  • Function:

    E1 to 16 *telephone + 2 * network interfac (PCM multiplexer)

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       Pcm16 equipment is a new generation of highly integrated single board PCM base group multiplexing equipment based on independent software and thick film technology. It can directly provide 16 voice interfaces and 1 ~ 2 nx64k Ethernet data ports on the 2m channel of the standard pcm16 base group

     he voice series equipment is mainly used to complete the connection between telephones or between telephones and SPC exchange through transmission network. The device is of intelligent design, that is, when the phone is not off hook, all 2m bandwidth belongs to the network port.

Product features:

◇ voice function; 1~16 telephone channels

◇ Other service interfaces are configured as FXO / FXS / magnet / E & M / 4-wire audio /  Ethernet / RS232 / 422 / 485, etc. according to user requirements

◇  1~ 2 physically isolated Ethernet interfaces, and the bandwidth is configured according to user requirements (dynamic / static)

◇  Modular power supply design; AC220V, dc-48v dual power supply mode

◇  Perfect network management function to detect various states of the equipment in real time

◇  19 inch 1U aluminum profile chassis

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