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  • E1 slot add drop / multiplex extraction equipment-EDTU02
  • E1 slot add drop / multiplex extraction equipment-EDTU02
  • EDTU02
  • EDTU02

E1 slot add drop / multiplex extraction equipment

  • ModelNumber:EDTU02
  • Function:

    E1 → NX64K network interface → sub E1 (1 + 1 dual power supply backup)

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     Edtu series E1 time slot extraction equipment can extract several continuous time slots from upstream ITU-T G.703 standard E1 interface and convert them into nx64k rate Ethernet interface. The remaining time slots maintain the direct connection between upstream E1 and downstream E1; Multiple such devices can be cascaded, and each node occupies several time slots respectively. Finally, they can converge to a 2m time plane for transmission, which can effectively improve the utilization of E1. The equipment is suitable for the multiplexing transmission of multiple services between spatially separated nodes on the same E1, which can effectively reduce the number of equipment and simplify the network structure. It is suitable for transmitting monitoring information of multiple nodes with small traffic.

Product features:

◇Multiple clock modes are provided: internal clock, E1 line clock and V.35 external clock

◇ The hardware realizes the selection of any number of continuous time slots in the 31 time slots

◇Rich E1 status prompt function to prompt E1 status information

◇ The device is equipped with console port and supports HyperTerminal control devices

◇ RS232 channel can transmit asynchronous data from 300-19200 baud rate adaptive serial port

◇ The equipment supports star or chain network, and E1 port is powered off and connected directly

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