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  • Fire telephone optical transceiver-GD8-12F1-XF
  • Fire telephone optical transceiver-GD8-12F1-XF
  • Fire telephone optical transceiver-GD8-12F1-XF
  • GD8-12F1-XF
  • GD8-12F1-XF
  • GD8-12F1-XF

Fire telephone optical transceiver

  • ModelNumber:GD8-12F1-XF
  • Function:

    1-4 fire telephones can be transmitted point-to-point through one core optical fiber, with single-mode and multi-mode options.

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      The fire telephone system is a special equipment for fire communication. In case of fire alarm, it can provide convenient and fast communication means. It is an indispensable communication equipment in the fire control and alarm system. The fire telephone system has a special communication line. On site personnel can talk with the fire control room through the fixed telephone set on site, The portable telephone can also be inserted into the jack type manual report or the telephone jack to communicate directly with the control room.

     In some large parks, factories and mines, the fire protection system is divided into multiple defense areas, and each defense area is connected through optical fiber. Because the optical fiber transmission equipment of fire telephone needs to be inserted between the fire telephone systems to achieve the purpose of transmitting fire telephone, but because the mechanism of fire telephone is different from that of ordinary telephone, the common telephone optical transceiver cannot complete this work.

Product features:

● Industrial design, SMT process

● It adopts VLSI, high-speed processing chip and modular service interface design;

● At present, it is only applicable to branch fire telephone system, not bus system

●Easy installation without adjustment.

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