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  • E1 signal transmitted by twisted pair -HDSL-E1
  • HDSL-E1

E1 signal transmitted by twisted pair

  • ModelNumber:HDSL-E1
  • Function:

    Use a pair of twisted pair to transmit E1 for 2-3km 

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    Tw-dsl / T is a g.shdsl high-speed digital loop newly launched by our company, which can realize high-speed synchronous symmetric data transmission on a single pair of twisted pair. The device converts the network data of 10 / 100base TX into data of a certain rate through cache processing, and extends to the remote end through a pair of ordinary twisted pair (ordinary telephone line), with a maximum transmission distance of 3.5 ~ 5km. The device is simple to install and economical to use. It is the latest solution for the last kilometer of broadband access

Product features:

1、Support E1 interface (nx64k) 

2、echo cancellation

3、Maximum transmission distance 3.5KM

4、It has the indication function of local normal working state and alarm state


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