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  • Gigabit network management optical transmission system-TW-SNMP-GE
  • Gigabit network management optical transmission system-TW-SNMP-GE

Gigabit network management optical transmission system

  • ModelNumber:TW-SNMP-GE
  • Function:

    Network management gigabit optical transmission system, cost-effective management switch

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Tekway network management series optical fiber transceiver is a new generation of managed optical fiber transceiver. This series of optical fiber transceivers is specially designed to meet the network management of front-end optical fiber transceivers. The equipment supports web and SNMP management, cloud server management, etc.

The network management system of TekwayTelecom is named Tekview system, and the current version is Tekview v1.2 (January 1, 2019)

(Tekway is a source factory, which can provide customer-made software logo and network management version)

In terms of hardware design, the equipment is developed and designed according to industrial standards, adopts FPGA and CPLD dynamic reconstruction and repeated programming technology, and has outstanding characteristics such as good reliability, safety, ease of use, anti electromagnetic compatibility, anti vibration and anti impact ability.

In terms of structural design, fully consider the requirements of industrial installation, provide redundant power supply support, support a wide range of DC power input, and use DIN rail mounting or wall mounting. At present, the equipment has been reliably used in petrochemical, rail, highway, high-speed railway, environmental protection, mining and other harsh environments.

TekwayTelecom's all-round network management access networking structure provides customers with a variety of Management Networking access mechanisms, including point-to-point networking structure, point-to-multipoint networking structure, node networking structure, ring networking mechanism, tw1200 optical convergence transmission platform networking structure, etc. The details are shown in the following topology diagram

   The system is composed of office end optical switch and remote optical access equipment. The status of office end and remote equipment can be managed by SNMP.

   1)The central end equipment has 1 ~ 16 optical ports and large 72 optical convergence equipment,

   2)Remote devices can be divided into star devices with 1 light and 1 electricity, 1 light and 2 electricity, 1 light and 8 electricity and 1 light and 24 electricity

   3)Remote equipment: 2 optical and 8 electrical ring network equipment

   4)Optional Poe function of remote device


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