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  • 16 channel serial port networking server-TW-ETH-RS16
  • 16 channel serial port networking server-TW-ETH-RS16
  • TW-ETH-RS16
  • TW-ETH-RS16

16 channel serial port networking server

  • ModelNumber:TW-ETH-RS16
  • Function:

    16 channel serial port to IP network transmission

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    Industrial serial port networking server is used to network serial port devices immediately. Its compact and flexible size makes it very suitable for accessing card readers and payment terminals to IP address based networks. Serial port server allows you to directly access any serial port device in the network through computer software.

   16 channel serial port server is a protocol converter developed by our company based on independent software to realize 16 channel serial port to 10 / 100M Ethernet. The equipment provides 16 RS-232 / RS-485 and 4 Ethernet ports, which can converge the serial interface of the equipment (in IP packet format) to the Ethernet data interface, facilitate the management of serial port data after long-distance extension, and meet the needs of management software in different ways. The serial data interface complies with the relevant standards of RS-232 / RS-485 interface, transparently transmits the serial data, can accept different bus modes, and respectively indicate the sending and receiving of data. The baud rate supports 300bps-115200bps.

Product features:

● 16 channels of RS-232 / RS-485, which can be matched freely. The interface adopts 5pin industrial terminal, and the serial port supports baud rate of 300bps-115200bps;

● 4-channel Ethernet port: 2* 10 / 100 Base-T adopts RJ45 interface with light, full / half duplex adaptive, and supports automatic identification of cross line and straight line; 2 channels     adopt SFP interface and support hot plug

● The parameters can be configured remotely by using the web browser through the network

● Embedded 15kV ESD surge protection all serial ports

● RS-232 / 422 / 485 serial port can be flexibly combined, and type conversion completely depends on software

● COM port driver is implemented under windows, which can support up to 6 hosts to open the same serial port at the same time

● Support TCP and UDP sockets, and each serial port can support 6 different session modes

● Provides UNIX and Linux fixed TTY drivers

● Support PPP / slip dial in and dial out

● It supports TTY and can be connected to the character terminal of the banking system

● Transparent transmission is adopted, and users do not need to guide the complex TCP / IP protocol

● AES encryption function (optional), so that the user's data can be reliably protected

●Optional hot backup dual power supply to meet the power requirements of different site environments 

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