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  • Industrial ring network switch / ring network optical transceiver-BHD-2040G
  • Industrial ring network switch / ring network optical transceiver-BHD-2040G
  • Industrial ring network switch / ring network optical transceiver-BHD-2040G
  • BHD-2040G
  • BHD-2040G
  • BHD-2040G

Industrial ring network switch / ring network optical transceiver

  • ModelNumber:BHD-2040G
  • Function:

    Industrial grade Switch  Gigabit 8-port (2 optical /4 electric),  rail clamping installation  and DC5V / DC12V power supply , chain network and ring network communication, etc.

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        BHD-2040G series industrial ring network switch is a highly integrated integrated integrated access equipment independently developed by TekwayTelecom. It can transmit 4-channel 1000m Ethernet in two pairs of standard optical channels. It can flexibly meet the needs of different services of users, and can form self-healing ring network, chain network and ring + Chain hybrid network according to the needs of customers, so as to meet the communication needs of customers in a flexible, economic and convenient networking mode for maintenance and managemen.

       The self-healing ring network optical transceiver not only solves the contradiction between long communication distance and high communication rate, many and scattered nodes, but also solves the problems of electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference and lightning damage, and greatly saves optical fiber resources. The optical fiber double ring networks built by the optical end mechanism of the double ring self-healing ring network are standby for each other, self diagnosis and self-healing, which greatly improves the reliability, security and confidentiality of data communication.

     BHD-2040G self-healing ring network optical transceiver has powerful network management function. It is a professional network management software installed independently (not a simple web configuration function). The master station collects the communication working conditions of all stations (including its own working conditions) and reflects them on the network management interface of PC. in this way, the conditions of all optical transceivers of master and slave stations can be seen at a glance on PC, and the system is equipped with fault alarm, Thus, the monitoring of the physical optical path connecting the communication nodes, real-time alarm and fault location are achieved, and the hidden dangers in the optical communication network are eliminated in time.

     The self-healing ring network optical transceiver is specially designed for high reliable data communication in power distribution network automation, industrial automation, transportation, telecommunications and other industries. 

Product features:

1、High density veneer design improves the reliable performance of the system, with the characteristics of easy installation and commissioning, maintenance free and stable performance;

2、The equipment panel has perfect function control switch and intelligent alarm indication function, which can prompt the communication of equipment transmission channel and various service ports in real time;

3、The transmission network can be composed of ring network and chain network based on optical fiber, or hybrid ring network and chain network. The networking mode is very flexible;

4、When the service node equipment has hardware failure or power failure, or when there is a circuit break in the ring network line and can not form a ring, it can automatically work in the chain network mode to minimize the failure;

5、The equipment has its own IP address and provides a web interface, which can set the equipment of each node, such as IP address setting, working mode, serial port rate allocation of each node, port setting, etc., so as to make the project installation faster and more convenient.


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