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  • Telephone signal network transmission equipment-TOIP3000
  • Telephone signal network transmission equipment-TOIP3000
  • TOIP3000
  • TOIP3000

Telephone signal network transmission equipment

  • ModelNumber:TOIP3000
  • Function:

    The telephone signal is transmitted through the IP network, and the telephone is transmitted through the network

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   The function of toip (TDM over IP) equipment is to directly and transparently transmit traditional E1 or voice signals through IP network without complex signaling or protocol processing. Compared with VoIP, toip is simpler and cheaper. Especially in applications where the existing PBX can meet the requirements, toip can provide traditional E1 leased line services and is transparent to various protocols and signaling. Because toip provides a way to speak rather than change, it can maximize the protection of investment. In addition, toip supports installed PBX and will not affect the function of PBX.


   Tekway is a toip equipment developed by telecom. It not only has E1 interface, but also provides FXO / FXS connection of telephone port, which solves the problems of transmission hub ratio, hub technology synchronization and remote signal sound, and improves and perfects various problems of Ethernet communication. Provide users with more powerful, stable and efficient services.

   Toip-800 / 3000 is suitable for LAN applications as an extension of TDM telephone in the network (transmitting 8 / 30-channels voice).


Product features:

1、Directly and transparently transmit framing, unframed E1 signals or FXO / FXS voice signals through IP network; 

2、The voice port supports o-port and s-port interfaces. The o-port is connected with the program-controlled telephone exchange, and the s-port is connected with the user telephone; 

3、It can be set to n x 64K transmission or adaptive network bandwidth transmission; 

4、The transmission of E1 information on IP network has QoS guarantee; 

5、The network adaptation clock jitter complies with itu-g.823/824 standard and ensures stability for networks with multiple delay changes and large unpacking loss; 

6、It supports TCP / UDP protocol. The addressing of transmission packets is based on IP address and can be set through switches, routers and other networks。 


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