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  • 4-channel 4k-HDMI optical transceiver-GD8-12I-4K4
  • 4-channel 4k-HDMI optical transceiver-GD8-12I-4K4
  • GD8-12I-4K4
  • GD8-12I-4K4

4-channel 4k-HDMI optical transceiver

  • ModelNumber:GD8-12I-4K4
  • Function:

     1-core optical fiber point-to-point transmission, 4-way 4K HD HDMI / DVI (or 2-way bidirectional) and independent audio signal + 232 / 485, etc

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    HDTV optical transceiver is to meet the high-definition needs of monitoring / information release and other occasions, so as to launch the optical fiber transmission equipment on the market. The equipment is an ultra-high-definition optical transceiver supporting 4-channel 4K resolution.

      The equipment supports 4 channels of HDMI@4K High definition signals by1-core optical fiber!

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