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We provide excellent after-sales service

1. Transportation of goods

Pack and transport safely and quickly according to the methods specified in the contract terms.

2. Product installation and maintenance

The company has a highly skilled, well-trained and responsible professional installation team, which can provide customers with product installation, commissioning, maintenance and other services.

3. Maintenance guarantee

Tekway Telecom solemnly promises that all products produced by the company are guaranteed for three years! (excluding power supply, optical fiber jumper, pigtail and other purchased accessories)
1) Warranty period: implement three guarantees for products during the warranty period. After the warranty period, provide paid lifelong maintenance of products and timely provide spare parts of relevant products.
2) Scope of service: repair of damaged disk and other parts; Patrol inspection of emergency remote or on-site emergency repair works for major or special faults, and preventive maintenance of equipment operation status; Other technical services (such as software and hardware version upgrade)

4. Supply of spare parts

he company can provide customers with all kinds of required spare parts in time.

5. Customer training

At the request of customers, the company can provide customers with regular or irregular technical training to deepen customers' understanding of the company's products and improve the maintenance level. Quality control of product production process

- Tekway Telecom quality control team
After the prototype of each new equipment is launched, it needs to go through multiple batches of trial production. In the process of product trial production, the project team personnel, production personnel, quality inspection personnel and after-sales service personnel cooperate closely and strictly follow the management process of ISO9000. All performance indexes of the product meet the requirements of the enterprise standard in the factory inspection, and the operation is stable and reliable at the user's site. The key problems in the trial production process are summarized as follows:

Selection and certification of materials and components
  In the process of product manufacturing, the quality of raw materials is an important factor determining the function, stability and reliability of products. The selection of each material or component must go through three certification processes. Firstly, it is necessary to confirm that the technical parameters of components meet the design requirements, and pass the test of extreme conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and vibration in the laboratory environment, as well as the simulated function test of high business volume on site. Secondly, we should conduct a comprehensive investigation on the production level, production conditions, supply capacity and quality control of component suppliers, so as to ensure the supply of components with stable quality and sufficient quantity.
  Finally, the product actually runs on the operator's network and passes the test of the on-site environment. Before completing the certification process of components.

Production process
The hardware of the equipment adopts VLSI and other electronic components, which are manufactured and installed on multiple multilayer printed circuit boards

and installed in the chassis.


图1 工艺流程图

   The production line has aging equipment, plug-ins, assembly line, wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, lead rolling shear machine, various debugging, measuring instruments, process equipment, special tools, etc. It has also purchased anti-static facilities and formulated anti-static procedures. After the test in the trial production stage, it is proved that the tooling, equipment and instruments meet the needs of mass production capacity, the quality of finished products is stable and reliable, and all technical indicators meet the requirements of enterprise standards.



   In order to meet the requirements of mass production and quality assurance, product designers directly participate in trial production and relevant technical improvement, solve some technical problems in the process of mass production, improve the debugging process and improve the work efficiency. In order to make the product quality control in the production process within the expected range, the design documents, process documents and enterprise standards have been prepared in detail and passed the standardization review, so as to have the technical preparation conditions for mass production.


Factory quality inspection     

   Quality inspection is the key to product quality assurance. One of the means of product quality assurance is testing instrument. The company has also invested a lot in instruments, such as TLA600 series logic analyzer of Tektronix, TDS5000 series high sampling rate multi-channel oscilloscope, smartbit600 network test instrument, hu25c session analyzer, etc. The investment in these aspects better ensures the quality and stability of products. In addition, the prototype of each kind of equipment passes the test of the pilot test team of the technology department before leaving the machine. The pilot test team uses various test instruments to test various interface indicators. And dedicated developers to develop an automatic test system, conduct large traffic test, and strictly test each function to ensure that each software and hardware function has been tested under strict conditions.      After the products are formally formed, all outgoing products will be handed over to the production quality department for simulation test of limit capacity and high-temperature aging process, so as to ensure that each product is tested under strict conditions before leaving the factory.      Thus, the productivity and reliability of quality inspection are greatly improved, and the problem of quality control is solved.

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